Short Ribs for dinner!

A few weeks ago at our local indoor farmers market we picked up these amazing grass-fed beef short ribs from Kiernan Farm. These were some mamma-jammas! I cleaned them up and salted & peppered them.






Look at those! Nice, thick bone-in beauties. I actually let them sit in their vacuum packaging for just over a week before I cooked them. In a big enamel pot I heated canola oil and started to sear these short ribs.






It takes a while but is so totally worth it. While these were searing I diced up onion and carrot to be ready for after searing the short ribs.






After all that searing the meat had to rest for a little bit while I started the serious gravy that is probably 60% of the deliciousness of braised short ribs. Out goes the used oil and in goes about a tablespoon of fresh canola oil and after that onions and carrots!






I cooked them until lightly browned then added about two tablespoons of tomato paste and let that go on medium heat for about 5 minutes. Before adding two cups of some random Merlot we had in the mess of bottles on the counter I cranked up the heat to high. Love hearing that sizzle when I add liquid to a super hot pan! Let the wine reduce by half before adding the short ribs and any drippings back into the pot. Cover with beef stock, add one bay leaf and a few sprigs of thyme.







Cover and let it go low and slow! These short ribs started braising at 3:30 and were fork tender at 7.






Bubbling away!

I found these crazy Royal Purple potatoes at the Rye Brook Indoor Farmers Market and HAD to get them because they’re freakin gorgeous!







I love em! They’re just so irregular looking! I decided to make a Royal Purple and Yukon Gold potato gratin with roasted garlic and Parmesan. I peeled and sliced the potatoes and look how AWESOME these mothers look on the inside:






Perrrrty. So, sliced all the potatoes and let them sit in some water while I made the heavy cream mixture to bake the potatoes in.

For an 8×8 baking dish:  2 1/2 C heavy cream; whole head of roasted garlic, mashed; handful of grated Parmesan cheese; salt & pepper to taste. Layer the Yukon gold then the Royal Purple until all potatoes are used. Pour heavy cream mixture over, just enough to cover. Cover the dish with foil and bake at 350F until you can easily insert a knife. This can be made a day in advance. Mix together 2/3 C Panko bread crumbs and 2 T melted butter. Sprinkle evenly over the potatoes and bake until heated through and bread crumbs are toasted at 350F.









And our finished plate!


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